Integrative Health Consultations in Los Angeles

Integrative Health Consultation Services in Los Angeles, CA

(also available remotely via phone or video chat in English and Russian)

5 (60 Min.) sessions + questions answered in between sessions + individualized summaries of recommendations (30% savings) – $ 1,050 

3 (60 Min.) sessions + questions answered in between sessions + individualized summaries of recommendations (15% savings) – $    765

1 (60 Min.) session + prior in-depth review of intake assessments + individualized summary of recommendations                           –  $    300

Supplement Review (Dr. Davidson reviews your supplements for effectiveness and safety)                                           – $    15 / supplement*

Note: the above-listed fees are for consultations only; they do not include the cost of e.g. recommended supplements, medications, lab tests, etc. Multiple consultations can only be purchased for a single person, and cannot be split between different people.
*Each consultation includes the review of up to 4 supplements that the patient is currently taking. If desired, Dr. Davidson can review additional supplements at the price of $15 per supplement with the purchase of 1 or more consultations. If consultations are not purchased, supplement review can be requested for $25 per supplement.  Supplement review does not include an assessment of the product’s quality, although Dr. Davidson may point out the product’s quality markers.

Dr. Davidson specializes in enhancing physical and mental function, endurance, stamina, and energy levels.  The initial 1 hour consult (depending on individual needs and as time permits) may include:




Review of:


  • medical history
  • previous pertinent lab work
  • systems survey
  • toxicity questionnaire


Assessment of:


  • physiological mechanisms of particular previously diagnosed health problem(s) and recommended course of correction
  • relevant findings on lab tests
  • current lifestyle factors (diet, sleep, stress, exercise, etc.) influencing above physiological mechanisms at the root of the health problem(s)
  • current dietary supplement support and/or medication therapy regimen  (if needed)


Individualized plan for:


  • nutrition/diet
  • exercise regimen
  • sleep hygiene
  • nutritional supplement support
  • herbal supplement support
  • medication therapy recommendations (if needed)



Prior to your appointment:


Please fill out and email the following intake forms to Please note: forms below may be filled out digitally (PDF forms should be saved and opened using adobe acrobat reader to enable the “fill & sign” feature required to fill out the PDF forms digitally). Thank you.

1. Medical History Form (required):  Microsoft Word version or pdf version
2. Systems Survey (optional but highly recommended)
3. Toxicity Questionnaire (optional but recommended):  digital survey version or pdf version
4. Informed Consent (required)

Please be prepared to take notes during the consultation, as this will improve your understanding, retention, and adherence to the health promoting recommendations made by Dr. Davidson. Thank you.

Optional Miscellaneous Assessments:

1. Sleep Assessment Questionnaire
2. Stress Assessment Questionnaire
3. Iodine Patch Test
4. Barnes Thyroid Test


Follow – up consult (1 hour):


Follow-up to assess progress, monitor changes in condition, and make adjustments to nutrition program, exercise regimen, sleep hygiene and other therapeutic lifestyle changes, nutritional and herbal supplement support plan, and medication therapy recommendations (as necessary).

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