At the risk of sounding boastful, I dare say the video series I will be starting today entitled “Better than a Flu Shot: How to Enhance your Immune System Naturally” is going to be extremely valuable to you. It is unique in that, unlike most talks on natural medicine, all the information presented is based on scientific evidence. You’re going to get a summary of hundreds of research articles. If you were to try to read these on your own, it may take you several months if you’re quick, and cost you thousands of dollars (at roughly $50 per full-text article on PubMed), but I’m going to summarize and simplify these for you in a series of  quick and concise videos. By applying the preventive medicine principles in these invaluable videos, you can not only save hundreds of thousands of dollars in healthcare costs down the road, but also vastly improve the state of your immune system and your general health, the side effects of which may include looking and feeling better than you ever thought possible!

Have you ever heard the expression “hiding in plain sight”?  This phrase describes the many precious seeds of wisdom that are freely available to each one of us.  Growing these seeds into mighty Oaks that can improve and extend our life, and give us shelter and protection against attackers like cancer, allergic diseases, autoimmune diseases, infections, and many more, can be as simple as developing some healthy lifestyle habits.  Join Dr. Davidson as he uncovers these seeds of wisdom, equipping you with powerful and easily applicable tools to enhance your immune system and your overall health.

To watch a thought-provoking introduction to “Better than a Flu Shot: How to Enhance your Immune System Naturally”, click here.

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