Patient & Colleague Testimonials

Dr. Davidson performed a thorough review of my medical history, clinical symptoms, and health habits, and then made a number of very helpful recommendations related to nutrition, sleep strategies, and natural supplements to be used to alleviate the symptoms of Ankylosing Spondylitis… Since my initial visit with Dr. Davidson, the inflammation and fatigue I experience from Ankylosing Spondylitis have been reduced, and the side effects of the prescription medication that I take for this condition have also declined.

Adam R.

Having worked with Dr. Davidson for quite some time, it has become evident to me that his diligent determination to help others regain and maintain their health has propelled him to become the expert integrative clinician he is today.  He is an excellent researcher and delivered compelling presentations on a number of health topics.  The only thing more commendable than his clinical expertise in nutrition, herbal medicine, and pharmacotherapy, is his character, which is marked by honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, and compassion towards others.  He is, quite simply, a pleasure to work with.

Dr. Bill Freije

I’ve come to know Dr. Michael Davidson through his regular attendance and enthusiastic participation in the seminars and lectures I teach on pathophysiology, herbal medicine and nutrition. He is always striving to absorb as much as possible from the lectures and eagerly participates in the discussions and asks great questions. I usually see Michael’s hand go up when no one else seems to know the answer and he always gets it right. I sometimes do work-shopping and Michael has shown an impressive ability to formulate a patient-specific herbal and nutritional support plan obviously guided by his great understanding of underlying pathophysiological mechanisms.

Lee Carroll BSc, BHSc (WHM) Medical Herbalist MNHAA

I came to see Dr. Davidson for help with my nasal allergies, which were getting worse with the arrival of Spring and high pollen counts.  Dr. Davidson recommended some simple and inexpensive procedures that helped right away as well as some plant medicines that would help prevent the allergies from recurring.  The therapies are completely drug free and side effect free.  Best of all; my allergies are so much better.  Thank you Dr. Davidson!

Tatiana L.

I came to see Dr. Davidson for help with my thyroid condition.  I was prescribed medications that I didn’t want to take and didn’t know if it was necessary or if it would even help.  Dr. Davidson explained to me that it was possible to support my thyroid gland by supporting it and it’s connected glands with nutrients and medicinal herbs and that medication may not be necessary with the proper monitoring.  He also explained to me that one of the medications prescribed to me was to control my heart rate, but there was nothing wrong with my heart.  After 3 months of seeing him, following his dietary advice and taking the products he recommended, my thyroid test results had improved dramatically and my symptoms had declined as well.  After 6 months, my thyroid tests had normalized.   I’ve been seeing him for over a year now and couldn’t be happier with the way I feel—completely healthy and drug free.

Yelena M.

I had recurring infections and was constantly on antibiotics when I heard about Dr. Michael.  When I came to see him, he actually took the time to explain to me the likely reasons why I was having recurring infections instead of just giving me pills.  He came up with a protocol to support my immune system, prevent infections, and restore the gut bacteria he explained were killed-off by the antibiotics.  Within weeks I started feeling better.  After 4 months of seeing him, I feel my immune system has become much stronger and I haven’t gotten sick or been on antibiotics since. I would definitely recommend him, especially for those wanting to avoid the side effects of many medications.

Roza D.

I am so grateful for Dr. Davidson’s care and support. I am confident his approach is so much better than conventional medicine. I feel that it’s more preventative also and helps me to stay healthy long term.

Stella M.

I sought-out Dr. Davidson when I was sick with a cold,  having severe nasal congestion, runny nose, and cough.  Dr. Davidson recommended some easy-to-do things like gargling with green tea along with some herbal medicines to help fight off the viruses and support the immune system.  I was feeling better within a few days and am very grateful!

Alex S.